About WordFish and You

The WordFish Group and Anthony specialize in digital communication services for associations and companies who need to improve their online presence. With experience serving community and international associations, we love the passion and commitment of our clients.

About you

Associations and some companies can feel overwhelmed in the digital world.

What are some of your challenges?

  • Sharing your unique message
  • Competing for visibility
  • A lack of marketing confidence
  • Overwhelmed with content waiting to be published

Unique message

YOU have your unique selling point, but you are struggling to share it in the digital world. You need to up your game. A static brochure site is not enough, you need to share your story from a dynamic quality-content rich platform.


YOU know having a website is not enough. No longer can you rely on rules from the last decade. Today; if you build it, they will not come. Put an ad on Google and without proper targeting, your budget just flies away. Rely on Facebook for visibility? They change the rules and no one sees you anymore. YOU have been there and done that.

Marketing Confidence

YOU have an authentic and passionate voice, yet you hate marketing. Overwhelmed yourself by the constant advertising and forced storytelling that comprises the digital world today, YOU do not want to be part of the problem.

Content Delivery

YOU have a lot to say and share. The content is ready, but YOU don’t have the resources to get it online fast enough. You have great articles, but you only publish in one place.

Types of Projects

Web Publishing

WordFish will work with your organization's communications and web teams, providing a trusted source to supplement your digital communication requirements.

Online Gestalt

Combining your own content-rich website with a wealth of well-managed media channels will deliver a platform for your audience far larger than the sum of its parts.

Service Management

Need help managing services after our project is finished? We can work with you to bring them together as part of a larger project and ongoing business.

Audience Engagement

Make your content stand out with the latest in video, graphics and other story-telling tools. Audiences are exposed to a noisy world online, make sure you engage with them.

Interactive Content

WordFish has the tools and creativity to deliver interactive content to your audience. Avatars, chatbots, quizzes and gamification will attract and retain your audience.

Membership and Education

Rapid and personalized training through targeted membership sites engages audiences in every niche. The ideal student and customer is not only taught, but teaches as well.

About WordFish

The tempest that is the Internet makes it hard to establish yourself and to be seen. To navigate these waters, the WordFish Group gives you a website that showcases content that swims in all waters.

The tempest in my mind Doth from my senses take all feeling


We can take you through your entire journey, or help you through the hard parts.

The journey through the digital world starts with a strong base for your content. To be published and seen in the noisy digital world requires a place where design meets content to provide a welcome shelter for your audience.

Meeting your challenges

Unique message

A static brochure site is all well and good to publish your message, but a well designed and scalable website is paramount to delivering on your message. We use WordPress and the Genesis Framework to create the base for a dynamic website. This is the first part of an Online Gestalt project.

Marketing Confidence

Your expertise and quality content are your source of confidence. Reaching your audience will take more than a website. Through repurposing your content and publishing in a variety of media, you will reach a wider audience. Beyond social media posts, extend your reach by delivering content such as ebooks, videos, and posts on content sharing sites. Take an article and convert it into a PDF. Take a video and transcribe using speech to text technology. Take a post and create a video script. This is the second part of an Online Gestalt project.

Content Delivery

When too much is a bad thing. Through multi-platform publishing services, your important content can get out of the backlog with reliable and trustworthy professional support for your Association. Through content repurposing you can expand the reach of your content. We can help by converting your posts to PDFs, take your videos and transcribe them for publication as an ebook. This can all be done as a Web Publishing project.

Taking it further

Bespoke content

Take your reader on a journey with customized content. An Interactive Content project will take you through delivering your key concepts through the use of Quizzes, interactive videos, gamification and more.

Train with your content

Or rather, use your content to train and stimulate conversation. By upgrading your site to a membership forum, you can communicate not only one-to-many but many-to-many and one-to-one with your subscribers. We can help you make this happen with a Membership and Education

When the project ends

A successful online presence does not rest on its laurels. To keep moving forward takes effort in Content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Design, Sales and Marketing. To help you continue on your journey, you can work with us as part of a Service Management project.

About (me) Anthony

Ten years ago, I made the decision to move to Switzerland so my wife could start a new adventure in her career. We have never looked back, but I had to change a few things in my life looking forward. Leveraging my experience in Information and Communications Technology, I was able to ride the wave of growth and opportunity in the field of content management.

I work in the back office of communications, where the foundations of digital media are built. Working with groups and associations who have a unique and important message to broadcast drives my passion and business.

As a professionally certified project manager (PMP), I personally manage our clients’ projects. To make sure each client receives the attention and care they need, WordFish only works on a limited number of projects at a time. To discuss a new project, please contact us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about me and WordFish, start with a connection on Linkedin.

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